I'm totally one who loves to write, if there is something I am passionate about I will write about it and write a decent size excerpt or article. Blogging isn't hard, nor does it require you to dedicate a whole lot of time to write either. When it comes to topics, you can write about anything, you can write something about your business, current trend, a bit on your personal life and even some upcoming events. But that is all on your discretion. 

What blogging sites or platforms are there for me to get started?

Depends on your style, Mine is all connected to my website, but for those who like blogging and don't want to manage a website there are plenty of sites you can use! For instance, Wordpress, it's about $18 for the entire year... Thats like $1.50 a month... It's cheap enough to get started, to get noticed and have full editing at your finger tips along with templates galore.

What topics do I write about? 

I tend to keep mine fairly business related,  from my editing style to booking clients, along with basic gift wrapping for client presentations. No not everyone has to write about this, this is something I write about that I feel goes hand and hand with what I do. Occasionally I find myself blogging about camera settings and basic functions in your camera that will help you get a little more out of your camera so you can do less editing later on. When I write, I write from the heart and how I would explain what I'm writing to someone if I had to actually explain in person. 

How do I get my blogs noticed?

Depending on the platform you use, Wordpress has a network within the website itself, you can also take the sharing links on the bottoms of most blogs and share them to Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, etc. Another tip, keep blogging, write about anything and everything that inspires you, or even a blog post about a client you worked with. Sometimes finding the words to write about a client is tough, but when you are totally passionate about what you do, the words essentially find you. Add important words or even links to certain things in your blog, like this awesome ice cream shop that your engagement couple liked. Being down to earth in your posts will get you noticed.

What if I only have one night a month to dedicate to blogging?

Worry not, most blogs let you make as many draft blogs as you want. What I mean by that is, if you choose to have a blog that posts once a week, you can write up more than one post and schedule them to post on the day and time you choose. It's that simple, on top of that, there is no limit to how many you can write at once either. Most of my blog posts are done weeks in advanced so I can have extra time for editing and not worry about having to cut my editing time for blogging (I do mention that I blog a lot, only when I'm publishing the posts before the scheduled date and time).

How much should I write in a blog post?

It's all up to you, you can make them short and sweet or make one a bit more meaningful with desired information you want to include. No there is no limit, you can write what you want and how much you want as well. Blogs really have no rule of thumb for what to write, it's your blog, blog it up! Normally I come up with the topics I like or feel are important for someone who may be reading to learn. I tend to make the drafted blogs in advanced when I have the ideas on the top of my head.


Hopefully this helps you guys! Happy blogging! Send a link to your blogs, I am more than willing to read them and feature them! 

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