For those who are starting out, this is a good read for you. For those who may already have a system or just haven't settled on a host for online viewing, this may also be a good read or just to brush up on current hosts. I have found some pros and cons to both previous system and current system, Due to recent events I have chosen to use Pixieset for my online galleries, print ordering, and ease of use.


  1. The overal ease of the website is fantastic, loading images is fast, and for any error images it lets you know. 
  2. Ordering prints is just as easy, along with liking your favorite images to go back and look through again.
  3. Being able to locate the gallery and set galleries up as well. I can't stress enough how easy it is for clients to locate their galleries.

Past system

  1. I use squarespace for my website, but for my online galleries I had trouble using the pages to make a private gallery, not that the images didn't show up, but finding the image numbers and loading them was the struggle.
  2. Passworded galleries were only temporarily available to search, when they weren't available I had to send direct links to clients.
  3. Passwords randomly reset themselves, not sure why, but always had to reset passwords for clients. 

Other gallery sites

Some people like smugmug, some people use zenfolio, or whatever may be good out there. Having a site that allows print ordering or digital file downloading from the site may be a top thing to have more variety for your clients. If you consider a gallery site like either of the two above or even pixieset, you will not go wrong with having the right set up. 

To see a sample gallery CLICK HERE to see how my galleries are set up for my clients :) 

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