Whether you meet them in persons or have a Skype meeting as your consultation, being prepared with these few tips will help you out a lot. I have met so many people in the past few years, I have met so many clients in person that I tend to have an introduction that tells people how I am, along with the important information I have to inform them about. 

  1. Always start with either email (message of some sort) or a phone call
  2. Have your planner out
  3. Have working pens or pencils
  4. Competed marketing material
  5. Bring a notepad 
  6. Dress for the job (dress the same way you would shoot for your style photography)
  7. Bring your "A" Game

Not everyone uses all of these tips. but you should have at least 5 out of 7 of them at all times. When starting a phone call or email, I tend to find the immediate need of the client and what will fulfill their dream of photos or overall experience. This is the same time you will find out if a client will work well with you or not, finding what they need and what works with your policy is key to booking any client. 

With being said having the right contact information is also key when meeting them, even if you have only emailed 2x. Having proper understanding and correct contact info for meeting a client or even just consulting is crucial for getting to know your present/future clients.

Having all your cards in order for you to sit down and sign a deal is also another big point in this matter. making sure you have price lists, contracts, information that may help you book a client is needed. What ever you choose to bring is your choice, you are not obligated to bring an entire pricing guide, nor do you even have to bring a contract the day of meeting. 


Happy client meeting!

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