At one point or another we have all said this "There has got to be a faster way to get these done". It's human nature for us to not want to struggle, sometimes it takes trial and error to get our style, processing, and final images/prints completed. Good news is there is a solution to that. With this solution you may need some fancy software like lightroom, Photohop, or even elements (I don't suggest elements for fast editing. it may take a while)

First ask yourself a these few questions

  1. How Long does it take me to edit one image at a time?
  2. How soon id my turn around time or when final products are due?
  3. How much time do you want to spend on editing images?
  4. Do you want this time to cut into your personal/family time? (if family is applicable) 

Left to right: Edited with action (approx. 15 min to batch 200 images) non edited image (approx 2 weeks to edit and complete all images)

I'm not trying to rant about actions but more getting the desired results in less time, while actions may play a part with final results, you can cut a lot of your time down with them, along with using your software properly. With the images above, I have two examples, 1. My final image which was batched and saved in about 15 min for 200 RAW files which is what CS6 allows me to load at once. 2. unedited image SOOC (note shooting properly exposed images cuts down time as well) Shooting right the first time cuts down on the overall time of editing.

Another important topic as well which was mentioned above...

Capturing the images right the first time

The easiest way to achieve this is shooting manual, In all honesty thats how its done. when you have full control over the light, the shutter speed, the aperture and ISO you have more control over the overall look and perfectly exposed image (or usable image). 

You are probably wondering why can't you just get a camera with a high burst rate and take tons of images? Well yeah that may cut down on your editing, but are any of the shots good?

  • How many images are in focus?
  • How many images are properly exposed?
  • How many were shot at the right shutter speed?

This is all part of the editing process and how many usable images you have. There are photographers that only offer 20 edited images and there are some that offer all the usable or appropriate images. But when it domes to all images that may be for a wedding... You aren't going to give only the best 20 to edit in 10 mins... you need a faster way to get them done and getting them right first will help.

When you have a client, even if you only choose 20-50 images to give them out of maybe 250, you want to make sure that you have at least 200 usable images that are stellar as well. 

If you are doing composite images, there is no easy way sometimes to composite images, but when batching a lot of the same images or same exposure images working smarter not harder saves you time. 


Hope this gives some insight to faster editing, may not be as detailed as a video or hands on learning but it may be a step to faster processing. 

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