We sometimes stumble on this subject, even in our own lives. But when it comes to working and how you work how would your rate your worth? I'm not saying to compare to others, but if you choose to do so, where do you think you fall? Do you fall in  line with those established or do you fall in line with those still learning. Being a photographer, I had no clue where to start or how to price my worth of work. No one can tell you your worth, only you can but on an honest level, DO YOU LOVE YOUR WORK? We have all started somewhere, and... We all believe in some way we are the best at something, it's our human instinct to do so, along with knowing faults as well. It took me a while to figure my work worth as well so don't stress it if you don't know how to price your work or explain your worth, I had that same issue. Here are a few things that helped me determine my work worth...

What mode on my camera do I shoot in? 

Chances are 99.9% of us have started in auto mode, Thats the nature of getting a camera. But do you always rely on it? If so, think about the fact your camera does the work for you and you cut yourself out of learning... I'm not saying as an individual that you are less of a person, on a business level you have cut yourself out of information that can be useful in progress. We all learn at different rates, which is understandable, it took me a while to shoot manual, but... I made it a top priority to move forward with my business and to learn the full capability to leverage light and manipulate my camera in order to understand how to get my ideal image... If you hate to score each category 1-10, 1 being still learning and 10 knowing your gear or could even have potential to learn more, how would you rate your work? Be honest with it.

How much time do you dedicate to progress or even what you do do far?

What I mean by this is, do you constantly work on your photography to book the ideal client, along with bettering editing techniques or even a different way of shooting? Do you dedicate time to marketing along with bettering skills if you haven't mastered what you would like to accomplish? Like I said, we all start somewhere, probably in auto mode, but, if your looking to book and looking to move ahead with your business, do you work on it, or hope that clients stumble along? Most of us have jobs other than photography, which is understandable, but if you truly want to build your company up, do you let another job get in the way? Some of us have family too, do you let family time consume all of it to the point you can't build a portfolio? Take your family with you and build a portfolio, they will help, trust me I know. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your progress and your dedication to bettering your business, along with even consumer skills? 1 being you wait for people to help you and hardly do any work and 10 being progressive and hard working towards your business that you may not even eat while building your brand and portfolio.

If you followed work of a few locals, whether they do almost the same work or different, how do you look at your work compared to theirs?

It's nobody's job but your own to rate your work, even though we have all rated someone else's work to our own. We have rated our cameras to someone else's as well, but where you are trying to build up and trying to get your business off the ground, How do you think you do against friendly competition? You may think, oh these people are my friends or may not ever have conflict with them, but you never know when it comes down to the wire of "it being your job" In reality, as much as we all favor our work and what we do, we need to realize we do have to room for growth and to better our work.