Simply, the easiest way to put it, there are better times to work with natural lighting during the day, along with not being at a studio till wee hours. I work 99.9% with the natural lighting outside even in the cold or blistering heat, so making sure that clients are on time in order to catch the right lighting I need is in getting the desired images they want. Preferably the same type images I like as well where that is my style of natural light photography. I have a preference to when I take photos. 

Reasons to be on time...

  1. Not to cut into the next clients time
  2. Not to cut into your personal/family time
  3. Right time of lighting
  4. Lunch/office time
  5. Behind the scenes time 

While everyone has reasons, some family emergencies, and other reasons. You have to let the client know the importance of being onetime is ideal to how you work and your image style.

Also, it helps you gain a better time sense for how long you work, how long editing takes. Setting office hours helps as well.


Hope this helps you guys! Happy photographing! 

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