As the year is quickly coming to an end, are you ready for the upcoming year? We all have new years resolutions, some of us eating better, some of us getting more rest. But... What are your plans for 2015? As artists, creators, and curators of photography, we have to make sure our up coming year we are prepared. What are some goals you have for the up combing year? Do you want to be in the wedding industry? Do you want to become a baby whisperer in the newborn photography world? What is your plan for 2015? Below is my list of what I am working towards achieving in 2015.

  1. Book more weddings
  2. Work with more newborns 
  3. Work at least 1 wedding expo (booked that for january)
  4. Make a better income from just my photography alone
  5. Invest in a new camera for 2016 (at least 1 camera)
  6. Invest in another computer for editing
  7. Hiring a fulltime assistant for editing
  8. Spend more time with my family
  9. Make a name for my company in a bigger city
  10. Enjoying capturing the moments in my clients lives

For 2015 another goal not listed is being prepared for 2016, yes that 1 year from now but... It's something that helps me work better, strive, and get ahead. 

Not everyone has the same goals but, everyone can have at least 5 goals they want to work on in 2015 even if they are short term goals. Work towards them, and enjoy the experience. My main goal is to succeed, even for a few years and then work towards something else. The second I left high school I knew somewhere along the line that I wanted to be part of a few things and weddings being one of them. I started part time at a boutique and part time at a men's suit factory. Went on to hair school, then real-estate school, cake decorating, and even wedding planning as well. Which leads me back to my original plan of being in weddings some how, either as a planner, baker, or photographer. Even though I think floral is a great area for weddings too.

Don't worry if you don't start any of your goals the first day of the year, you have another 300 something days to figure out what you want to achieve!


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you reach your goals and strive for success!

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