In light of the topic "stay focused" I don't mean, have one track mind, or even be cautious. This is actually about getting proper focus in images. There is always the artistic style or even the skill level that helps us better define what we focus on. We have all started somewhere. I used to take pictures of just anything and hope for the best, but soon learned I had no point or idea of what I was trying to make as a point. Moral is, getting focused images to get the point across along with getting noticeable sharp images.

First and foremost what does focus mean? 

verb (used with object)focused, focusing or focussed, focussing.

  • to bring to a focus or into focus
  • to focus the lens of a camera
  • to concentrate
  • to focus one's thoughts

verb (used without object)focused, focusing or  focussed, focussing.

  • to become focused.

Before starting

  • Knowing your AF system- if you shoot with the auto focus then this will be the main go to place for focusing. knowing your menu and knowing how to adjust your AF points is key in getting the overall focus.
  • Overall point of view- With knowing your focus points and the AF system, what is the overall image you are trying to show, what do you think would look good in focus or what do you feel should be in focus?
  • Do your homework- What I mean by this is along with knowing your  AF system, you should know your camera and its FPS along with how well it tracks in all lighting situations. Knowing the strongest AF point(s) on your camera. I shoot both full frame and crop sensor and both have different AF point placement along with an entirely different AF layout. My 5D Mark ii has 11 AF points and the center being the strongest so I primarily use the center AF point. The 7D on the other had has 19 AF points and are all cross type meaning they track just as well as the center point along with being easily focused and not having a dominate AF point. With that being said, the 5D relies more on the center point 80% of the time verses the outer AF points, even though it does track it is not the strongest along with having only 1 cross type AF point. The 7D allows AF point bracketing which allows me to pick 1 single AF point or work in sections for better accuracy and more in focus images, compared to the 5D, the 7D has more in focus images due to the better focusing options than the 5D is.
  • Be direct with what you want- What I mean by this is, Knowing the focus point you want, and what you plan on shooting. For me, when it comes to details and comes to my overall style. I do know I like in focus or sharp images. So for the most part I use either all or 1 focus point on my Mark ii and my 7D I tend to use the center 9 AF points. 

Happy Photographing! Let me know what you guys think of my blog posts :)

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