Are you Wedding ready? Both Photographers and Brides-to-be.

Photographers do have quite the job, they stand on their feet for hours capturing the best moments of any brides big day. even though bakers, hairdressers, make-up artists, florists, Djs, and the many others that take part in the grand occasion, the Photographer is the one that brings the memory to life at the present moment and in the future. Below is a list of things I have put together to help the photographer and below that a list for the Brides-to-be:

For the Photographer:

1. Consultation is key to a healthy professional relationship. (keeping in touch with your client every so often even after the wedding is great to keep good standings between you and your client.

2. Make sure all paper work between you and client are taken care of. (contracts, receipts, post wedding orders, even correct emails)

3. Check your Gear, make sure all of it works. Showing up the day of a wedding and your camera isn't working or poor connection from the hotshoe to an external flash can be crucial. Have a back up Camera. In most situations one camera works fine, but in some cases we have a random malfunction, sometimes batteries are the issue, sometimes custom user settings as well. investing another camera can be a lot of money, but surely capturing the moment is the ideal reason for a second camera.

4. Hire a secondary shooter. Taking on a wedding by yourself sounds easy until you see how much time you do and don't have between bride and groom pre-ceremony. having a secondary is just as good as investing a second camera in cases like this, your secondary gets one side of the wedding party whether it be the bride or the grooms side while you tend to the other. Also gives enough time that you as the photographer don't have to be in two places at once. It is also important to tell your secondary what types of things you should capture pre-ceremony (granted it shouldn't be tough to know you need the bride and family, bride and maid of honor and bridesmaids, flower girl, some prep pictures, bouquet pictures and little details that helps tells the story of the bride. Furthermore, the grooms side is just as important, to capture the moment of the groom getting ready to take "The Plunge" a lot of grooms get highly nervous before the ceremony, this makes a great picture even if candid. Getting the groom with the family, best man, groomsman, ring bearer, and the little details are an important reason that secondary photographers play a big role. The little details of getting ready and the carefully picked decorations are what make great pictures between a great photography team to help make a big day.

5. Capturing the right moments. What exactly does this mean? There isn't a set rule to what to take pictures of as much as "what you should take pictures of" as a photographer your job is to photograph the wedding and capture the emotion and the day as personalized to the bride and groom as possible. Never go into a wedding thinking of a million poses to try with the bride and groom. The wedding should be comfortable to you and the bride and groom, if you play the posing game too much then you, the bride and groom get confused and sorta agitated. Let one pose fall into another for more natural pictures and poses.

6. Candids are a great way to show other emotion besides posed pictures. Pictures of small children, family members and friends dancing and having a good time also another important factor when photographing. When the bride and groom look back they want to remember the people that enjoyed the day with them as well as what they had together that day.

7. One of the most important pieces to Wedding photography. How do you show your bride and groom the images post wedding? In studio preview? Online gallery (smugmug, personal website or blog, PASS, shoot proof?) What ever your method make sure to have collected the images via secondary shooter. Make sure images are edited for viewing and make sure all options for viewing, purchasing and sharing are made known.

8. Below is a small check off list for the Photographer  that might help you in the long run

Wedding day check off list:

1. Dress appropriately (make sure to have proper clothing for the venue or location you are shooting at and for your reputation)

2. Always be as prepared as possible (batteries charged, Cards are emptied and reformatted, cameras and batter grips are working, etc.) There are things that we cannot prepare for. Also know your camera and its buttons, you as a photographer must know your gear and how to quickly and efficiently get the best results, whether a main photographer or secondary shoot, there is no time to ask another photographer how to use your gear.

3. Have fun shooting a wedding, a grumpy photographer is no fun, nor is it enjoyable for the wedding party.

4. Show the bride and groom the awesome work you did at their wedding :)


1. Do you need a photographer still? Just as important as said before, the photographer captures the moments of your big day. Setting up a consultation appointment is key to finding what photographer is right for you and your style.

2. Talk to photographers that offer what you like, whether you like lots of prints as an option or lots of hours of coverage, your wedding is "One day" so picking the right photographer is crucial. Keeping in contact with your photographer and giving them an accurate time list is beneficial and easiest way to make sure you get the right pictures at the right time.

3. Do look for a photographer that has a second shooter, sharing one photographer is tough when you and the groom are far apart before the ceremony.

4. Go over prior to wedding what important pictures or details that you must have captured. The photographer is great for capturing a lot of images, sometimes generic, but if there is something near and dear or even heirloom to you or family, make sure the photographer knows ahead of time to make sure there is enough time.

5. Make sure you have the right make-up done for your photos, having the wrong foundation (powder or liquid) is important for great results. I suggest using a studio or photo fx foundation that is designed for bright lights and will not make you look pasty.

6. Please make sure guests do not get in front of the photographers during important events, such as the ceremony, first kiss, first dance, mother/father dances, etc. It is very hard as a photographer to edit out people that should be off to the side during the events. Family members are important and like to take pictures too, but as a hired photographer we suggest guests take pictures/video from where they are sitting and not in the isle, enjoying the wedding is more important that photo bombing it.

7.  If something comes up at the wedding please let the photographer know where they have to be in this case.

8. Have fun and enjoy you big day.

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