Best Prime Lenses...

When you think of a Prime lens, it sounds rather intimidating only having one focal length. But the flipside to having one focal length is better image quality and wider aperture. Letting in the most light is good and bad for these lenses but great for lowlight situations or getting that incredibly awesome bokeh that everyone dreams of in their images. Below is a lit of lenses I feel are great investment to your photography business or camera bag :)

50mm f/1.8, f/1.4, or f/1.2

Shooting with such a wide aperture can be scary, and not only that having a fixed focal length is just as scary. This is one of those lenses that can make or break an image if you haven't gotten used to using one, it is also a discouraging lens when you over expose seeing it very easy to over expose in most situations. But on the flip side, this lens also has great bokeh and lets you shoot in all types of lighting conditions. If you had to ask, what it lacks in focal length make up in aperture and the prices vary from $100-$1600 give or take. (range of all apertures listed)

85mm f/1.8 or f/1.2

Great for head shots and portraits, great bokeh and can be had in a few price ranges. another great low light lens but has a different focal length. In the canon range there are two lenses, both in ranges based towards what you are willing to spend and what you are looking to invest.

100mm macro f/ 2.8

Great for those close up detailed shots. both canon 100mm lenses are the same aperture so either way you can't go wrong with either the $500 or the $1500 lens. great for getting the little eye lashes on babies or even those great wedding details like rings, flowers, favors, or the candid emotions that might need a macro to pull it all together.

35mm f/2, f/1.4

A great alternative to a 50mm in the case of having a cropped sensor camera. It equals to about the same focal length and great just as great bokeh.

Listed above is a list of lenses i think are ideal. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to add them :)

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