Best telephoto lenses to buy...

Prime lenses are great for wide apertures and great low light performance, but in cases where you cannot move or have hard to reach spaces is where Telephotos come in handy...

Below is some lenses I suggest to those looking to invest in better glass...

1. 24-105 f/4
Yes f/4 sounds scary but is really a great lens for the money you spend, There are some flaws of it but is great for an all around lens if you don't have endless pockets.
It's still a great lens for executing 99% of your images.

2. 70-200 f/2.8
Expensive but worth its weight in gold. Great wide aperture lens for those far places or you can't reach. great in low light and offers a little bit extra reach, also is great for those sports shooters out there needing a fast lens.

3. 24-70 f/2.8
If you have money to spend, this is a "MUST HAVE" lens, It's an essential lens for portraits and weddings, Fast aperture and awesome image quality.

4. 17-24 f/2.8
Another expensive lens but great for small areas. great for those shots that you want detailed and full of life.

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