Client Follow-ups

It's easy to just work with a client and let it go, right? Client Follow-ups are an important part in Business etiquette, it's what helps you maintain your client base. Most important part of client base? depends on how many clients you want to keep... Below is a small list of reasons or role of follow-ups plays in your business...

1. How do you reach out to your clients after your work is complete? (photographers: when all sessions are complete and delivered)

  • Do you Annually contact them?
  • Do you Monthly contact them?
  • What are at least 2-3 ways you contact them or keep in touch?
  • Do you keep their best interest in mind?

2. For annual contacting, what steps or methods do you take to contact them? (Sometimes even sending out a small birthday reminder or once in while discounts to past clients or current clients)

  • Do you send out birthday cards? ( can be a lot if you have a ton of clients, but the works will pay off in appreciation when clients have pliable items to hold in their hands like a birthday card)
  • Do you send emails? ( even a quick how are you and the family? is a great way to reach out to your clients, makes them feel like they were worth the time of your work)
  • Randomly drawn raffles for past clients
  • Feature the work they have invested from you on a website every so often and mention them?

3. Are you prompt with your follow-ups with a time frame of when to contact them?

What I mean by that is, do you contact them at a rough 2-3 months following completed work?

  • Do you contact your client with in a time frame seeing how the work held up?
  • How about what they think 2-3 months down the road? (over time prerogatives change)
  • What is the most important result you look for out of a follow up? ( if you are looking to maintain what you have, how do you keep it?)
  • How will you maintain future clients that you haven't worked with yet? ( plan ahead, deals, reputation,time, effort, which are some of the ways to maintain your clients future and present)

Above is a basic way to follow-up with clients. If you would like to submit a topic, Just comment below and it will go into the topic list :)

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