Finding your style...

You being the photographer, you have to realize you are an artist...
We all have our own styles, techniques, and ways of getting our desired image. But then again our style is what builds our clients and makes future clients gravitate towards us. In order for us to strive and show new work, we must first decide what we like to shoot and the idea behind it. Some of us are geared towards Newborn photography, some towards weddings, other towards portraits, abstract, boudoir, seniors, etc. Listed below is a small guide I feel can help a lot with finding your style and finding the ideal way of also bettering your work and building clientele in that category. Even if you are al all around photographer!

Newborn Photography:

There are many styles now for newborns, there are also many themes as well for newborns not just based on gender. One of the first things you will have to do is finding what colors and styles you like, whether you are a photographer that likes baskets, or one that maybe likes using house hold decoratives (pillows, blankets, etc). What colors do you gravitate towards? This helps a lot when showing your work, having colors that work well with a whole setting.

Wedding Photography:

The way you pose or edit is what gets your wedding clients, the overall ease of working with a bride on one her most important days and one of the most stressful days. If you like showing your best black and whites, then make sure you edit a black and white that will attract the type of client that likes those images, or visa versa with color. If your style is basic poses, then that is the type client you sill find, a basic posing client who does not mind basic... But not all brides want basic, not all brides like basic editing either, thats why getting to know your style of posing and editing is key to finding your wedding photography style.

Boudoir Photography:

Just like other photography styles, personal style and how you work with a boudoir client shows in your images, for boudoir you would imagine natural light, even on overcast days. thats probably the most ideal lighting. but for non overcast days sheer curtains come in handy to soften the light. Flash should not be needed for a shoot like this, in fact continuos lighting can used for back lighting to separate your model and create soft illuminating light for the areas that you want to maybe enhance just a bit. Your overall ease of working with a client in a sort of intimate way will allow you to book in the best way.

Portrait Photography:

There is more to portrait photography than just your style, working with the a client or even families is key. Now there is the fact of families, that means more than one person in the photograph that you have to work with, in that case working with everyone is your motto. Headshots or even senior portraits are dealt with your way of posing as your style, your backdrops, or even natural backgrounds ( elements like trees or using buildings, etc.) determines your style.


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