Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements...

What ever you use, there is always a get to the desired image you like. Elements is the more basic of the editing software, you can still go into the menu and find the more in depth settings and adjustments that you probably never thought you could find. Below is a small excpert of each, helping you decide which adobe software is right for you and even your budget.


Has a lot of options and the options, a lot of photoshop action capabilities and the option with build in presets as well. You also have the option of plug-ins that can work with other software. Unlike Photoshop Lightroom has a lot of capabilities of Elements, it has presets, adjustments just like photoshop, and has a bit of both. Average $150 Lightroom 5.


For those looking to get a bit more serious with editing from Elements or the basic camera editing software that come with your camera. This is a good step to go, Actions/Plug-ins, you get a lot of customizable features with out presets. this is more for the creative end like Lightroom. There are more brush tools and adjustments that you can customize your own workspace within Photoshop. Average $600 CS6.

Photoshop Elements (premiere elements)

For those beginning in editing, this is a great way to learn. This basic version of Photoshop (Creative suite) lets you do a small portion of what the more in depth photoshop does, but allows you to manually adjust settings just as well as Photoshop or Lightroom. Comes with presets, fonts, graphics, frames, etc. that can help you get started in your journey with photography. It's also a great way to see if you like photography and editing without having to pay an arm and a leg for software. Average $100 for Photoshop elements 12 alone.

Listed above is just a few of the editing softwares I use or have used, my take on each in a basic way. if you have a hard time deciding adobe had a free trial of each of those individual software.

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