Looking to invest? Read before you buy...

Its tough deciding what camera to buy, Point and shoot or DSLR. Both great choices, I myself shoot a Canon 5D Mark ii and a Canon 7D. There are many choices with DSLRs, Canon and Nikon are both great choices, whatever you choose you should not be disappointed.

As for lenses, invest in a 50mm f/1.8 for either canon or nikon, which is around $100 so it wont break the bank and fits on all Camera bodies for each brand, Some photographers call it the "Nifty Fifty" which is probably one of the best lenses you can invest and get a lot of bang for your buck! (shown on the 5D Mark ii)

Whether you choose a Full Frame camera like the Mark ii, or even a cropped censor DLSR like the 7D or 70D, you are sure to invest in quality images and a camera that will last you. Above are a few cameras that could help in choosing your next investment.

1st. Canon 5D Mark ii- Full Frame $2000-$3000

Portrait camera equal to a 35mm. has the advantage in lowlight with the bigger censor, has 3.5 FPS but great for getting those great family shots or even weddings! 21.1 MP

2nd. Canon 7D $1500-$2000

Great sports camera, cropped censor but has great focus speeds, 18 mp and 8FPS for those sports enthusiasts, has same image quality as the Mark ii

3rd. Canon 70D $1200-$1500 (newest)

Another great sports camera cross between the 60D and the 7D, gets 7FPS but has a swivel screen and its a touch screen that works like an iPhone. It also has wifi for those who like to load images right away for to shoot else where if you are in a tough location. 20.1 MP Being the newest canon camera, it is actually an Entry level camera with Pro like options with the rugged Pro-body and Pro-button layout, but still has the entry level capabilities as a Rebel.

All three cameras have video and photo capabilities and for all levels and uses all the same lenses. The brief descriptions above are based on the Camera specs, and prices. All three cameras have pro-bodies, and whether entry level or pro, all canons have the same functions and menus so moving up and learning a new camera will be effortless !

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