2014 goals for Photography business or for fun!

As we get to the end of 2013, we are thinking about 2014 and what we can achieve for the up coming year. You're probably thinking, I'll just do what I did last year, sure you can do that, but looking back and seeing your work that you tried to learn and fix. Doing the same thing won't better your photography, Below is some reasons or even goals you can use to help better your business for the up coming year or even just your hobby :)

1. Where are you looking to go with your business or hobby?

For business, where would you like to be? Would you like to be booked more and be a bit more popular or would you like to keep limited bookings?

For hobby, what are you looking to achieve in your personal work? Are you considering branching out pro or keeping it close to home?

The main question is, How big do you want to be or how big do you want to make it? My personal goal would be to book more weddings and portraits, so branching out to brides or bridesmaids is where I would like to focus on.

2. Upgrade to new Gear for the New Year?

In the up coming year I would like to purchase at least a few more prime lenses or some speed lights. Also an LED on camera light for detailed wedding shots I need or for that bit of extra light. Now whether for business or fun, are you looking to buy even a marginal amount of gear?

3. Bettering your skills for your own personal style.

For the future, Photography style always changes, but mastering your camera is key to getting the best out of your images. Making time even in a busy schedule is tough, but for 5 min a day you can master your camera and lighting. Have kids and have not time, well actually you do. practice your camera skills with your friends and family, they are not judge mental so thats the best time to try. On your own personal projects, even if you aren't a photographer by trade and you are a baker, hairdresser, anything that you may need a portfolio for, take pictures of your own work. Try your best, play with your camera until you get the look you want. only you know what you like for style.

4. Be in the right market.

Make sure to place yourself in the right market, there is nothing like branching out to brides when you don't update your portfolio and branch out to Modeling portfolios only. Be sure to make flyers, cards, etc that you think you will need for the clients you want to book. Don't branch out to car people if your dream or style is Newborn photography.

5. Critic yourself and not other photographers.

We all get discouraged and always try to do what other photographers do or talk down about them. Make it known for the new year that you are not going to publicly make fun of other photographers or talk down on their work. Personally we all have our ideas of great photos but so do they, They take pictures just like us. The best you can do is encourage others to be the best Photographer they can be. I know on a personal level photographers make fun of the Photographer (personally) and not make fun of themselves. For the up coming year encourage even the mediocre people to do their best and you will do your best by doing so!

Hope this helps you guys with your photography goals! Happy new Year! See you next year guys! (P.s. take lots of photos I love to see your work!)

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