How many people in your clientele are friends and how many are non friend clients?

This is something people don't think about when building a business. While your friends support your ideas and your work, how many of them will economically support your business? We tend to forget that our friends will think our business is great, that we have great ideas and so on. But... How many of your clients are friends and how many are non friends? Granted a great deal become friends later on, but your main business concern should be outside of your friends. Below is a few reasons and a few tips to keep in mind on where friends and non friend clientele play a role in your business. 1. The new thing is Facebook, Fan pages are the key to showing your business. But how many friends consume your fan page? It's cool that you have 350 likes, thats a great thing, but if 300 of them are your friends, only 11% is non friends. While our friends consume the page which is great and can spread the word, 89% percent just like the page and may not even inquire about services. 2. How many are referrals? referrals are one of the top ways you build clientele, which I totally understand it is tough to build a new business. But how many book your services? Collecting fans and not getting many or any clients to book with you, doesn't build a business, it only shows people looking at your portfolio for fun. 3. How do you market to both friends and non friends? This is something people don't think of. While we offer Refer a friend, free sessions or contests, you are missing out on the little bit of money you can make even building up or upgrading your gear. Not to mention even getting a studio space of your own. 4. One thing to keep in mind about having friends who support your work or only "fluff" your clientele, but keep in mind:

  1. Your friends will not judge you to help better your business.
  2. Chances are most won't pay or will wait to volunteer.
  3. For the ones who receive any type of service, how many come back?
  4. how many refer you to others based off their own experience?

5. How are most of your non-friend clientele built? Like every job, scouting new clients is tough. Even referrals are tough as well, but how do you reach out to all the prospects? 6. Working with non-friend clients, some find it easy and some find it difficult. While keeping an open mind about a new client, remember the margin for error is much smaller than a friends margin for error. Example: trying to be up to date and ahead of the game with your work, booking, and finished products, a non-friend might not be as forgiving towards it, but as friend clients they will be more forgiving about being late, poor quality, and waiting for a scheduled session/services.

Listed above is a few things I think help with any business and can help anyone looking to strengthen their clientele base.

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