Mac vs PC for editing

For some, the idea of what computer to edit with or to buy for editing is just as scary as picking a new camera for all the images you will soon edit. In the event that you have to start looking for a new computer, think of the pros and cons. Maybe even how much RAM the computer has as well... These are just a few key factors when picking a computer to edit with.

1. How much will you be editing? This is a common thing we usually don't think about. We normally just say I can get any computer and just edit right? not always, you have to think about the amount of images or video you might be working with in a year or month. Also the software and how much you will need it or how many other softwares you might need for other projects.

2. How long do you want your computer to last you? Another great reason to pick carefully which one you use for editing, although no computer is guaranteed for life you must consider how long will it need to last you in general or until it's time to replace it.

3. Is it for PERSONAL or BUSINESS use? As great as computers are they might not always handle both. If it's for business you need weigh the pros and cons for price vs longevity. Will it last through at least 50 clients? I hope so. Will it last you 100 clients? How about all your advertising and non photo editing that will have to be done business wise on it? Can it handle programs like Microsoft word or any of the adobe programs? For personal use, Will it be enough to hold all your personal images and videos? Should be right?

4. Warranty? Does the future computer purchase have one? As much as some computers are relatively inexpensive, when you choose something for editing and dealing with other people's pictures, videos, or even their entire marketing set. Is cheaper always better? For a short time yet, for the long run maybe not. A warranty is great when "accidents happen" making sure your investment has one in the likely event it needs fixing or replacing.

5. Budget, we all have some sort of budget. owning a business or for personal preferences. A budget can control which computer we buy. But when it comes to business will it make you money or will it cost you more? For personal is it worth the little extra or is it better to buy something with less options and more basic features? All budget factors and your need for this. For photographers, if you are consistent than getting something higher up in price with a better processor is probably your best choice. For someone who takes pictures for fun, probably something on the lines of middle to lower might be more for what you do.

6. Overal easy to use? There are some key differences to Macs and PCs, but how easy are they to use? The biggest key difference in functionality is the commands with mouse or key boards, even though there are some similarities as well with those commands. How easy is it to find or how easy is it to install software? Can you find your files easily after transferring or saving?

Listed below are some pros and cons of Mac and PC, hopefully this will help you choose your perfect editing companion :)



1. Awesome for editing and have a great system.

2. Usually doesn't have any issues with getting a virus.

3. Fast and works great with all adobe software.

4. Very prompt with updating and keeping software up to date even after 6 years!

5. Has a majority of editing software for all types of users.


1. Freezes occasionally.

2. Does not have a lot of software for games or word processing (besides word, powerpoint and excel).

3. Doesn't have a designated right click button (can use control+mouse click or touch pad on macbook).

4. Does not come with built in games.

5. If your computer dies, all if it needs to be worked (unlike PC you can have the computer or monitor worked on separately).



1. Has more software and applications (not necessarily all editing)

2. Has a designated right click button, good for those who use the mouse a lot more than the keyboard.

3. User friendly (for the most part).

4. Usually inexpensive (unless you build them yourself).

5. Can download RAR files (sadly Mac can't).


1. Gets the "Blue screen of death" (thats when you know the games over or you need a full restore).

2. Better with word processing than editing (for the most part).

3. Warranties usually run out quicker.

4. Inexpensive isn't always the best.

5. For the most part they need to be replaced within 2-3 years. :(

Hopefully this advice helps you even though it is not a lot of info, it is enough to help you with your editing personal or business wise. :)

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