What's in my camera bag...

A question that a lot of people, normally in comparison to what they should have in their bags as well. The biggest question is the cameras in it. There are other things in my bag as well that aren't just cameras or lenses, but the other cool gadgets that help with my photography as well with the gear I use.

Listed below is what my camera bag consists of most of the time ( sometimes it varies and can help you be prepared in what you pack)

1. 2 camera bodies
2. 2 battery grips
3. speedlight/external flash
4. extra batteries (camera and speed lights)
5. chosen lenses for the day ( has to fit both cameras)
6. cleaning kit ( essential for every camera)
7. filters on all my lenses (good quality and lesser quality lenses all get one)
8. all matching lens caps and lens cap ends
9. 4 CF cards
10. 2 card readers (reads more than one card)
11. HDMI and camera wires for image viewing and loading
12. camera straps for all cameras
13. hand held air rocket ( awesome for taking dust off your lenses and cameras)

Listed above is just what I use, everyone's camera bag may be different including picket wizards, wifi adapters, etc.

Feel free to comment questions or even contact me a question or future topic!

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