Finding the one... Wedding photographer.

As little girls we dream of our "big day" usually starting with the dress and Maid or honor. But there are a few things that being a young girl you don't know, like picking flowers, center pieces, a venue. Normally this great choice comes around when you are older and can make the full hearted decision to do, like the dream dress as a young girl, you picture it to be everything you have ever wanted, something that will make you feel the most beautiful on your day and a dress everyone will be in WOW over. But what about another category, one you might not think of yet always look back at to tell stories to your children or grandchildren... A Photographer. 

While there are many, sometimes too many to choose from, like picking the perfect dress, which photographer will curate that special moment for you? Which photographer can deliver the style and over all feeling you dreamt your whole life? You are probably wondering why a Photographer is important to pick right the first time? Here are a few reasons, May not be everyone's reasons but may help you...


1. You spent your whole life dreaming about the perfect wedding, the photographer shows what your soul really feels and sees on your wedding day, so picking a photographer that is your style (classic, edgy, romantic, etc)

2. There are many budget photographers, yes we all have budgets, rough times in life, and down to the last penny for our dream day, but... Your photographer has captured a memory, not just the wedding but the entire journey. 

3. Asking questions about how well they know their gear, no you don't have to ask what settings they use, but you should ask them about how well they know their gear and as well the second shooter (if there is one). 

4. What can this "ONE" photographer offer you that another cannot? While there are many out there, What can the one photographer offer you that can make your day the best for the rest of your life?

5. Do they use PRO gear? Silly question, is it something to look into, yes it is. While there are people who can make Entry level cameras good. There is a level to not cross with gear into weddings. Having a camera that can handle the bumps of moving around, maybe dropped (hope not) great focusing, buffering speeds to write files, and most importantly the image quality you desire the most.

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