Reasons you should upgrade your camera...

When it comes to cameras there are many choices, too many to say the least. When you are upgrading you should consider some factors about what you should look for when upgrading.

If you have ever had a Canon Rebel XSi, Nikon D40, and decided you wanted a more "advanced camera" think about why you would want to upgrade.

Now while those are great beginner cameras and most people shoot auto with them, think about if you had gotten something newer (granted newer doesn't always mean better if you are still unsure about how a camera works). Knowing how your old camera works first before getting a newer one is key, yet new cameras have great technology and better noise performance, if you shoot in auto with them, you will not be moving up from what you already have shot. But... with the intent to learn more about your camera and all the functions, getting into the menu is key to knowing a cameras true functions.

In light of this, is like having a car with a manual transmission vs an automatic transmission vs a car that has tiptronic (paddle shifters). Yes they all drive, Yes one does all the work for you, one lets you have partial control and the other full control of speed and controlling the RPM as well (which gets better mileage) None the less what i'm saying is, Automatic does the shifting for you, tells the engine when to slow the RPM and when to adjust, Like the AUTO mode on a camera it will AUTOMATICALLY adjust for you making images seem effortless, yet aren't always properly exposed. Tiptronic shifter is sorta similar to APERTURE PRIORITY lets you do some of the work yourself yet does part of it for you, Great when learning new buttons on a new camera. Finally MANUAL mode, similar to a manual transmission You manually control the speed and control the RPM 1. so you don't over rev (redline) or have to shift down, meaning that with shooting MANUAL you have the option of controlling all lighting, shutter speed, ISO, Aperture, Manually adjust to Lighting conditions whether it be Artificial studio lighting or natural light. Most of all you have 100% Full control.

You're probably wondering why I mentioned transmissions and how this all has to do with a new camera, essentially you wouldn't buy a standard if you had no intentions of actually driving is just because it's more powerful or more sporty and possibly like how it looks. Verses being more practical to your style and getting something more economic on gas or something for the family.  What I mean by this is, DO NOT buy a camera just because it is fancy just to shoot auto, DO buy a new camera to better your skills and better your work. If you buy an expensive camera to just shoot auto then maybe upgrading isn't the best idea. Sure you can ask your friends how to use your camera, but... WHO will benefit from the actual camera and the education. 

Cameras have different functions besides all taking pictures, Sure a canon rebel can shoot awesome images (believe me I took some awesome shots) But I know a rebel is nothing close to a 1Dx from canon. But if that was my upgrade choice, I would dig through the menu until i knew how well my camera functioned on my choice and not a PRESET camera setting. 

I know everyone has budgets, and i know not everyone has the luxury of a bigger better camera, but researching available options and even spending that little extra could one day land you the Family portrait business or even the Top end Weddings. But I will say, If you work at a place where you can get a store discount on gear, I would o for it with the best camera I can get and not settle for the starter cameras.

Hopefully this gives you insight on upgrading cameras :)

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