How to properly connect with your clients and future clients...

While there are many people in the world, one thing I learned is connection. Not just any but with your clients (present and future), there are many things I though I had down packed until it came to talking to clients and booking, that being CONNECTION. I had tended to be very lax with communicating and tried to pick an easy way (sometimes messaging). But in all reality I had the best luck when I gave a direct phone call. 

I was like most people, shy, apprehensive, and couldn't figure out how to get my work out there with communication, just like posting on Facebook or twitter, I just didn't know where to start. Finally an old part of me kicked in, the one of taking clients at the salon and being confident. But with this I grew as the photographer I am today. We have all started somewhere but here are some tips below to help with your client connection which have helped me a lot.

  1. Create one form of communication basis, for instance calling or emailing only (try not to use text or Facebook if possible).
  2. Be firm in your rules of service and what you offer (stick to it, if the client isn't right, there is a client who will respect your service).
  3. While being specific with your service and all, you can still be polite and respectful, yes clients can be tricky, yes some can be tough to deal with, but you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. So even if the client is tough, there is always a calm and collected way to deal with them.
  4. Have you reached out to them? If so how often or what was the occasion? Also how did you bring up communicating with them?
  5. Be clear in what is expected from a client as well as your responsibility. They hire you for your expertise and knowledge, you have to guide them with a clear path and easy direction or they will become flustered or overwhelmed.
  6. Getting clients work done on time. Another great way to communicate, while you are probably thinking what does this have to do with communication? Well, in a time where you may not have to communicate a lot, showing you stick to your guns and deliver the work you promised is communication enough. Being on time communicates honesty, proper judgement, and great work ethic, along with respect to build a great communication base with your clients and future clients (also helps when getting referrals).
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