Newborn photography tips to get you started

Working with newborns can be a scary thing. They are delicate, easily startled, and sometimes move without notice. This is where the newborn tips come in handy and will help you feel more comfortable and confident when taking on newborns.

  • Now we all have this notion that newborns pose themselves and just stay sleeping... Well thats not always the case, in the event for unruly babies and easily startled babies you should properly know how to calm and soothe a newborn. You are probably asking why is this important? Well like any session no one wants to be nervous or uncomfortable. Newborns have only been here for a few days or week prior to their sessions so calming them into this new world is key to success! 
  • Newborn safety is another important key factor to posing and working with them. While we have great ideas, we must keep in mind that babies are delicate and can get hurt easily, picking proper props and carefully handling them is where you need to be patient. Props that are too tall have a higher rate of tipping, round props have a chance of rolling, and sharp props may cut your or the newborn you are working with. Safe props are also another factor to keep in mind.
  • Prop selection for a successful shoot is what books future clients. while there are many styles, many photographers, and many stores, they can also be expensive. Does this mean they are better or worse quality? No it does not. Does it mean that buying cheaper is better? Doesn't mean that at all. But keep in mind that you do not have to send a fortune to be a successful photographer. you can buy props that are even house hold items, baskets, scarves, and even your favorite throw blanket. make sure all props are clean, and close to the ground, no more than 1 foot high is an ideal prop.

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