Importance of defining your brand with a logo.

We come up with the name to define our business, but what really sets us apart and defines us is our logo. Now in the world of photography "A picture is worth a thousand words" true or not true? We often feel word art alone is a good enough logo or watermark. Done tastefully it can be stellar and noticeable, in some cases not so stellar. From my own past experiences of making logos, watermarks, templates, etc, I have learned there is indeed a way of getting logos and my brand to work hand in hand. From what I have done may be different from the next person in the retrospect of my actual logo, but actual branding is in the same aspect no matter what able you stand at. Any great watermark/logo is the start to getting yourself known and recognized. 

I've decided to incorporate some helpful tips and steps that may help with your overall branding and getting yourself known. 

Things to consider when making a logo that will recognize your brand. 

Coordinating fonts or design for branding

  1. Don't just put a bunch of word art or fonts together. You are probably wondering why? Just like colors coordinating with other colors, there is a secret sauce to coordinating fonts, and shapes to make a stellar logo.
  2. Find a font that fits your style photography. The best way to decide that is to weigh out what you prefer shooting. whether hobby, portrait, auto, boudoir, weddings, etc. 
  3. Define your target market. Having a hard time deciding your target market? What are you good at? Having the right market will help you decide where to go with your logo.
  4. While Photoshop elements is good with shapes, word art effects, backgrounds, etc. Your real reactivity will happen when you can use a clean slate without the pre-made or preset  effects, shapes, and backgrounds.

Defining your style for a perfect logo

  1. While there are many similar logos out there, not all look the same when having different name companies. For my logo, I keep mine simple and crisp, nothing fancy. Both larger and smaller fonts are both the same font but different sized and the smaller word spaced between each letters. Yet another photographer may use the same idea and totally rock it as well. 
  2. For the style of shooting you do how would you go about making a logo with what you already do? Well, I have been in the same spot, I've shot cars before taking on portraits so my first logo idea was a real retro looking font. So logically self explanatory in that aspect. Now I take weddings, cars, newborns, portraits, boudoir, for the most part so for my style going simple was better. Not just because of liking how the logo looked, but.... it was enough that my style photography did not clash with an established idea or desire. While still shooting cars and weddings (which both normally would have a whole different world of branding) I designed my logo to be neutral enough through out all my categories that I take on in my business.
  3. What are your goals for your business? Do you choose to branch out or do you choose to grow with what you already have established? Now, with photography some of us do branch in a different way then intended. I speak on behalf of that, I wanted to strictly shoot antique cars. But the opportunity came about to shoot portraits and soon weddings along with newborns and boudoir. So where Portraits and cars were a strong suit before weddings and newborns, I always kept in mind my style, my photography desire which was to take on weddings, portraits, cars, boudoir, and branch better into newborns. I drew on paper and collected fonts online and started just putting ideas together until I started getting a grove not only with my logo but with my editing as well for it to fit with my style.
  4. What is your overall "Ideal Style" that you may not have/use now, but would like to learn better to achieve? Now this goes along with where you want your business to go in the future. Your editing style along with the logo is what carries your business and makes you stand out. Your logo should reflect not only you as a person but you as a photographer. Like I mentioned before my logo was simple enough yet still crisp enough that I could use it for all of my categories. Whether you knock off a few categories or pick up is your own choice, but defining the style for the right place at the right time is where you want to be. Where do you find your style? Easy, there is Pinterest, Google, Facebook (there are plenty of fan pages to go through and find style from) and great thing, there are only so many photographers that have similar style within a certain area of you.

Creating your logo to better your branding

  1. What colors do you like?
  2. What are some of your favorite things? (bands, foods, clothing style or even a famous designer, etc)
  3. Who are you trying to target with your business and who do you want to see your logo?
  4. If you were looking for similar photography services, what catches your eye that someone else may have created already? (Does not mean you have to create the EXACT same logo, but you can draw from their idea, colors, or even some similar shapes in the logo).
  5. Make a logo for the future. What does this mean? Well, branding, logos, and styles are all trends. Just like shoes, pants, handbags, etc. Creating a logo for the future is just as much important as a fashion designer designs chic clothing for the up to date person who wants to dress and feel important. Same with the logo and how you brand. Your logo is designed for those who will find your services not only mentally important, but physically and mentally fulfilling for the person who finds your style up to date with the trends. 



Stay tuned for the perfect Facebook fan page setup for better branding!

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