DIY Marketing pieces

Now, marketing happens to be a tricky thing, but with the right tools and strategy you can target future clients. Start up costs are pretty pricey and tend to overwhelm us when we try to work on advertising and marketing our brands. A lot of times we forget basics and even more that as photographers, we are creative, we are curators and can do what we set our mind too in a creative way. So I've decided to put together a blog about DIY things you can make to market yourself like home made business cards ( yes you can make them with your own logo and all that at home for a few dollars, gift certificates, custom marketing packets that can be printed at home, and many more items to help market your brand. What is listed below is just what I have done so far, But there is also no limit to what you can create on your own with basic supplies.

Presentation is key to any marketing strategy, now like a past post, logo is what people recognize, so determining where you logo will go on your DIY printables and small goodies for future clients is a good place to start. Also what items are you trying to get known first? What I mean by that is, do you want to get business cards out there? Gift certificates? Service deals and promotions? Think about how you would present that to a client...

  1. Business cards- Does not have to be like everyone else's, thats the beauty part of designing your own, you have free range over your design and how much information you put on your card. You can go to almost any store that sells packaged paper and get pre-cut business card sheets and print them on your own computer and printer, you can even get your own card stock and make your own and cut them out with fancy scissors. Design wise, you can add what ever you like to them and not have to be stuck with preset online designs, I designed my own business cards with a logo I inserted into a word document and then printed, made it double sided with my information on one side and logo on the other. Keeps it organized and keeps it neat and easy to find the information a client needs
  2. Gift certificates- While you need to keep important things on it, you do not need to over do it but putting rules and regulations all over it. For instance keep it simple, to/from/amount/expiration date, is pretty much all you need. Design wise is all your style. Like I mentioned before it does not have to be like anyone else's gift certificates, they can have a personal touch that you like that defines your style and brand. I designed my certificated from a pre-cut invitation paper that I fell in love with, found the online templates and printed them myself after 10 tries of text placement. Also bought them all on clearance as well with coupons to help cut down the costs. 
  3. Welcome packets- We are all still building but we can put together some form of packet with prices and services that best describes what we do. We may not know how to use all the buttons and design tools in Photoshop enough to make a template but word lets you design to a degree and even use the already present templates to help make some really cool packet material. What you put in your packets are totally up to you, but always putting in vital information is key regardless of what type of paper or how much you use.
  4. Catalogs- Not everyone has a printer that can format sheets to print double sided or even take 17 inch paper. so even with some creative thinking you can use even basic paper to make a catalog with pricing along with services and even a few sample images from your past clients. I will always mention microsoft word as a start to everything. take advantage of using the templates available, there are really good templates, I can vouch for that, and you can customize them whatever way you like or change the colors to your preference.

These are just a few tips of things i've done from my own computer to market myself, hopefully they can help you as well! 


Good luck with your business endeavors :)


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