Finding inspiration for your photography

A lot of the times we just stick with what our cameras do and sometimes get discouraged not knowing how to use software or even getting more out of our cameras to begin with. But a lot of times we tend to not have an idea of where we want to go, we just shoot, and hope that someone likes our images, whether they hire us or not.

First and foremost, what does inspiration mean?  A divine influence directly and immediately extended upon the mind or the soul.

You must ask yourself these questions...

  • What influences you to photograph?
  • What influenced you to want to photograph to begin with?
  • Does being professional influence you to do better with your photography?
  • Does hobby shooting influence your photography?
  • Does your family or friends influence you to photograph? (regardless of the event or subject)
  • Do you ever feel you could reach out to people you don't know or only with with close knit groups?
  • Are you willing to learn more or are you good with what you already know? 

Questions like those help you define your inspiration, what influences you on a daily basis is how you find your inspiration to shoot, as well with developing your skill and finding style. 

A lot of times our style is derived from other photographers, current trends, foods, new movies, etc. I can vouch for learning and being inspired by other photographers, trends, colors, and just the thought of weddings and newborns alone. My main style was natural light, I was not crazy about speed lights, umbrellas, strobes, or any artificial light source (even a desk lamp). I liked to keep everything simple and use the only light i had without using a pop up flash or bring in anything extra, but also, when learning more about my style I didn't know much about using artificial lighting anyways.

In order for me to be inspired, I spent hours upon hours in magazines, search engines, all sorts of websites to inspire myself on what I really liked photography wise. 

  • Natural/semi natural images
  • Natural light/soft controlled lighting
  • preserving colors and sharpness for what they were to the human eye
  • Colorful, tasteful, eye catching, and classic
  • Shoes, dresses, flowers, make-up, suits, jewelry, anything wedding related
  • Solitude, texture, movement, subtle tones, quite time, anything newborn and maternity related

Just the thought of flowers, cakes, dresses, shoes (who doesn't love shoes?), jewelry, accessories, suits (mixing and matchings suits and ties, along with my high school trade of fashion design), anything that felt like a fairytale. Yes, you are probably thinking it is totally naive, fluffy and girly, but the pure thought of a wedding was one of those things that no matter how bad things could get, no matter how bad my editing was, I still had a desire to photograph weddings or be part of weddings in some way.

When it came to newborns, I totally love children, the more I work with newborns the more I realized I have a true gift to work with newborns and calmly achieve a peaceful newborn portfolio. I was always afraid of holding babies or being within a few feet from them for the fear of making them cry or them squirming on me and being uncomfortable. I quickly learned the more I worked with them, the more I enjoyed newborn photography. I didn't give up, but I didn't let my fear of not knowing how to work with them keep me from working with them, I let it inspire me to learn more and be more patient with myself and my work.

Where can I find inspiration?

Like I mentioned before, what influences your photography? For me I subscribed to bridal magazines and finding the cutest, neutral and colorful fabric trends, along with colors and styles that caught my eye. In other words what ever inspired me and tingled the senses. Below is a few ways you can find more specific things that inspire you or can help with future photography.

  • Pinterest
  • Search engines
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Current trends for what you find fascinating
  • Music
  • Catalogs
  • Friends and family

But most importantly you can find it in yourself, a lot of times we find ourselves asking how to get inspired and how to go about perfect picture taking in our opinion and the real truth, you all ready have it in you. 

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