How much time do you need to devote to be considered a full time/pro photographer?

There are many of us who work exclusively with photography full time and those that dedicate nights and weekends or once every few months to their photography. Not a problem of how much you spend providing services or just shooting for fun. Now this is where you can find out what your honest to goodness position as a photographer really is and how to consider your work (this may also help you decided about whether you are pro or going pro and filing taxes).

Do you dedicate 50-90% of your time working with clients, business inquiries, signing contracts, editing, ordering albums/prints/specialty items, setting up client galleries, etc?

  • If so, you are probably more on a pro/full time level

Do you dedicate 25-50% of your time to building clientele, working with a handful of clients here and there, working at another job part time or full time, offer basic options to portraits, and learning new techniques?

  • If this is you, you are probably a part time photographer or building your clientele

Do you dedicate 1-25% of your time taking photos, working else where, booking clients as quick cash, don't dedicate time to editing to full potential, delivering "hobby" quality results, even take a while to get proofs or products back to clients, or just shoot the things you like cars, flowers, pets, your own family, friends and family events for fun? 

  • If so you are probably a hobby photographer or just a quick cash photographer

In light of this, it's great to know whether you want to further your business or just stick with what  you are doing right now, yes a lot of us have families, a lot of us may work other jobs, but... I mean but... Even if you have family, and a job other than photography, you can and will make time if you want to further your photography to a full profession and not a hobby. It may seem harsh, or critical, but it is constructive criticism that can help you build your business and portfolio and help you grow as a photographer/entrepreneur, and even as a person. It does take some tough skin to be in business, and also a strong will with wanting to achieve more. 


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