Get noticed... marketing with Facebook!

It's 2014, by now we all have a Facebook business page if not 2-3 or even more. We know how to access the settings, page manager, how to write posts, add pictures, etc. But... are you truly targeting the right market? Now that Facebook has all these new "BOOST POST" and "BOOST PAGE" so on and so forth, are you targeting further clients? First ask yourself where you want to be with your business, then analyze possible steps to getting you to that point. Now business does have trial and error, and sometimes we run short on time with family as well, but... never neglect something that can help you out in the long run. You have to put in, in order to get out in return.

So to go along with my prior post about branding with your logo, I've decided to continue with branding with your Facebook page. While this may not be as descriptive as me telling you in person, this should be enough to help lead you in the right direction.

  1. Who are you trying to target, if you read back I mentioned about defining your brand with a logo. But using Facebook to market is great, but at the same time you have to strategically place things in order for them to catch the eye of future clients, not just friends and family.
  2. How much should I post on my page? What I mean by this is... how much should you post(upload) as an amount of pictures/video/posts in order to get seen? Every one has a different target, yes someone may want to book weddings like you, someone may want to book newborns only. But, things to consider... Age group, demographic of local and surrounding cities, and what people in your area seem to like (photography style). That means looking into other photographers work, not to be like them, only to see who like what in the area and where you can comfortably place yourself.
  3. What should I use for a Page profile picture? Well chances are you might a lot of really good images taken... best advice, may work may not, but going by my experience, posting your logo or an image of yourself with your camera is probably your best bet. As much as you may have nice pictures of children or even some flowers or cars, thats cool and all, but if your style work keeps changing, people will not remember those. Ya maybe friends and family, but clients outside of that will probably pass by your work and keep going.
  4. What cover photo should I use? In this case, it can go a few ways with what you put. Your logo can always be used or even one really nice picture from every other shoot or event you have. Now with that being said, making sure a properly, nicely edited image is posted. I have used my logo plenty of times, i have also used my clients images as well. But they are properly edited and shot at a perspective that attracts my clients.
  5. What should I post on my timeline? Now I know I always try to make the best of what I write. AVOID sugar coating at all times. Why do you ask? Your target market may think you may be mediocre and may not know what you are doing, and possibly just like to chit chat. Sure we all have a level or chit chatting which is part of talking to future clients, but making sure that proper etiquette is set in our marketing and customer service skills. It's great to mention about a new house and "can't wait to show you pictures" which in all honesty is backing up your credibility with future clients, yet you are not obligated to post anything about your personal life. But, take this lightly, if you post about having a perfect life and so on and so forth, whether clients follow you on Instagram or Facebook, you have to realize that there are people who know your life. Sure there are people who may not, thats cool and all, there are also people who can see you only sugar coat in exchange for what you may lack.
  6. There is a perfect time to post, While some people post in the morning, some post in the evening hoping to target those who are getting out of work. There is indeed a time of the day that will get more noticed. I myself have posted at all times of the day, I tend to get more visits to my page and posts when i post right before people get up for work... does it always work? no... But about 70% of the time I get more hits and more visits. Posting at 9-11 is sorta a tough time to post. Especially at night, in other words before you were a photographer, or got out of high school, what did you do at that time of the day? You were probably already sleeping or planning to go to bed, hanging with friends etc. Thats why there is a certain time to post, because the majority of the people who will see your posts are the ones that mostly likely check Facebook before work.
  7. Make sure you post based on who you want as a future client, topics 2-5 are great to refer back to, but think about this, yes shooting everything is cool, I've done it myself. but you may find yourself losing ground with your editing and even camera basics. So this is where defining how to target your market comes into play in a broader spectrum. In other words, define where you want to be first, then gear yourself only towards that. You are probably going to say, I would love to book more weddings but don't know of anyone getting married, nor do the people I know, know of anyone so how can I post or build my portfolio? Thats totally fine, but here is where you can branch out, NETWORK, locally. Facebook is a giant place for you to find local businesses, so why not help another photographer out? You can even book a wedding by referral, sometimes you may not book a wedding from shooting another wedding. you may book one from portraits or even boudoir! Moral is, get out and take photos, learn to edit, and just post. You will book someone, and when you finally know 100% of who you want to book, you will figure out the perfect way for you to get there!


Good luck! Hope this helps you out, Please feel free to share the blog posts and possibly help another striving photographer.

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