How to self advertise

It's nice having referrals, and having friends and family help with building clientele. But we have all started somewhere, most of us without a clientele base or much of one. So this is where brainstorming to advertise yourself is going to come in handy. Like any business we do incur start up costs for gear/equipment/supplies/etc. So you're probably wondering how can you start a business from what you have or even with cheap supplies and boor wed equipment. This is where I can enlighten you a bit.

  1. Items you can print at home or for cheap money 
  • Business cards
  • Gift certificates (created mine from invitation paper, who knew you can take any paper?
  • Small flyers/brouchers
  • Business labels/address labels (word is good for merging or creating you own labels)
  • Small coupons (maybe business card size) saves time and only have to buy one type paper
  • Preferred vendor list (get networking! you may have some non networkers out there but don't be shy to ask around)
  • Anything else you may want to include for advertising yourself
  • Make your own decorative packaging (bought mine at target on sale for .45 and bought coordinating ribbon for less than $1)

     2. Props you can make yourself

  • Small outfits
  • Decorate a crate for seasons
  • Anything that fits your themes

     3. Take advantage of free marketing

  • Facebook is a great way to market yourself, twitter, instagram, google+, tumblr, etc. Those are all great ways to get your work out there and do it for free
  • Local shops, leave some business cards with a store or local food place that is popular. If you are looking to book a certain client, leave cards at a related store to your target market
  • Give your friends flyer, brochures, business cards (print them at home for cheap even if they aren't the best just yet) any form of networking or marketing helps and friends can vouch for you as well
  • Tag your friends in posts from your Facebook fan page, or even post a current sale or deal to get them looking. It does take a while but the free marketing does work. jet as much as paid marketing


How about websites?

How can you get your work seen with a website, not necessarily the most expensive but one that is decent and displays your work properly. Also a website that allows you to set the menu, images, and important information the way you want. 

  1. Here are some websites that are fairly easy to use and get started with your website in no time.
  • WIX ($8 a month and have full range over designing your website by yourself)
  • Wordpress ($18 for the year to make a blog style website, can't beat that)
  • Zenfolio 
  • Smugmug

These are all great ways to start your website and portfolio without breaking the bank, I personally have tried WIX, Wordpress, and Zenfolio. WIX and Wordpress were a lot easier, but if you do not mind going all out for  a website host, I would suggest Sqaurespace like I use now or Wordpress.

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