What do you need to bring/buy when you are meeting a future client (prior to session or event)

When booking a new client or even a past client, you always want to make sure you have a few things to bring along with you. No you don't have to bring a whole lot of unnecessary stuff, nor do you have to bring all your camera gear. But there are some things you should bring or purchase if you don't have when meeting a with a client. These are things that are meant to keep you prepared and organize along with making you look professional and ready to take on a wedding, session, small event, etc, and take down information that is needed. In light of this, it will help you when booking more clients and knowing how to set yourself up for success. 

Things you might have or can pick up at almost any store to help you be prepared...

  1. Planner/calendar- Making sure you make down the dates needed. Be specific in you planner time, date, even a small memo or clients name to keep dates organized and easy to remember.
  2. Notebook- Steno pad, loose leaf paper, small note pad or even some really trendy lined paper. To write down important notes about session/event/ or even about the client themselves.
  3. Black or blue pen- No red pens, black and blue are professional, but make sure to get a fairly nice one. Not saying you have to spend $50 on a pen alone. Just make sure you buy one that says you are down to business and make sure its not one from another local marketer.
  4. Padfolio/folder- If you don't know what a pad folio is, is pretty much a folder/binder that you can use to put your designated pad of paper, planner, and important paper work in. But... doesn't look plain like a binder, most are leather or vinyl bound, and have slots to slide pads of paper in them.

Happy booking! Good luck with all your future ventures! 

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