What is in a successful Maid of Honor speech?

With a touchy subject like this, you only have once chance to make your speech and make it great, heart felt and touching to bride and groom and all who hear it. There are plenty of ways to start your speech and end it, along with the speech body itself. If you haven't started yours yet you are probably wondering where to start? This is where I am willing to be of assistance for the troubled Maid of Honor. 

What are the most admirable qualities of the bride?

What I mean by this is, what about the bride do you find awesome about the bride that would inspire you to write your speech from the heart? Is she kind, caring, generous? Does she take care of others before herself? Does she have a loving personality that glows? Maybe even a great sense of humor? 

In what way has she reflected her qualities to you?

When you were down was she there for you? In a time of struggle did she lend a helping hand? In times "just because" was she generous of her friendship, or even just giving you a meal out of the kinds of her heart? Reflect back on what moments she has given you an irreplaceable  quality.

What favorite moment can you remember that best describes your relationship with the bride?

Regardless of being a friend, sibling, or distant family member, what moment describes the best overall relationship or memorable moment that would reflect on the brides qualities? For instance, shopping buddy, big sister type person, biological sister/brother, best friends, etc. Naming a moment that paints the picture of how you click and lets everyone know a deeper side to the bride.

What is your perspective of the bride?

This is the over all perspective of what you think/see the bride as. What I mean by this is, do you see her as a role model? Perhaps an advocate of success, someone who is moving ahead and is willing to help others? Is your perspective leaning towards a bride who is grateful, intelligent, caring, outgoing, funny, etc. making it know of her personality and the perspective you get from her, essentially the overall vibe you get from her.

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