You're probably wondering how can I even better my business in 30 days? I can vouch for this with my own business, I would try everything imaginable to get some business, make free offers for a month, offer half priced prints, etc. I've been there, I've done it. I know the struggle of trying to build my business. When my marketing skills weren't working as well as I wanted and expected, I knew I needed a change. I started with bettering my editing, my sample products, solid price list, along with adding client gifts. No that is not all of it, but it is a good portion of what helped me book my clients for the up coming year. 

When it comes to booking for the next few months or even next year you have to have a solid plan in advanced for your clients. Special sales, incentives, new products, or even better service. All this is planned 90 days in advanced from when they are active. Below I have put together 30 days worth of bettering your business, in a way that has worked for me.

  1. Dress the part

  2. Do not over plan

  3. Organize a better business plan 

  4. Re-design your website (if you have one)

  5. Client product packaging

  6. Specials and sales

  7. Go above and beyond your hired/paid service

  8. Client incentives

  9. Marketing pieces 

  10. Learn your gear

  11. Invest in education

  12. Have goals short term and long term

  13. Schedule more time for family and friends

  14. Work smarter not harder

  15. Try new techniques

  16. Try working on your own and not relying on others for corrections. (best way to learn is from your own work)

  17. Get out there and network

  18. Have sample products ready

  19. Make time to practice your craft

  20. Talk to clients on a more personal level and not business level

  21. Do something different than what others do

  22. Get a legitimate website

  23. Get business cards

  24. Build your portfolio every chance you get

  25. Invest in what you need and not what you want

  26. Work with other photographers in some way

  27. Start a 365 project to better your photography (it's never too late)

  28. Self educate yourself with books and online resources

  29. Take photos, mess up your entire camera menu and try again until you get it right

  30. Better your outlook on everything, business, editing, photography itself and you will enjoy the business you get

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