It's a bit cliche to don't let the busy life dull your sparkle. In light of this, what I mean is, don't let the busy life keep you from perusing your goals and dreams. Yes some are busy parents, some work two jobs, But I can tell you, it only takes a few minutes a day to perfect your skills. I totally understand we are in the holiday season and people work and have to shop as well.. but the best time to learn in my opinion is when you have a few minutes to just read up or experiment. I am an advocate of being stuck in the holiday jumble as well as working a lot. I have been booking expos to better my skill as well as networking. Photography wise, I have been working on new techniques as well as trying to change my marketing strategy. Started marketing abroad instead of local was one start, and it only took 1 email at my desk less than 5 min to write. (You don't know until you ask). 

Most people don't know that I annually compete with horses, Which consumes time just like taking your children to soccer or to ballet, traveling, s on and so forth. Probably wondering how can I speak on behalf of others, I can't but I can say this, It takes relatively the same time whether I train or a child trains, With that being said, I still find time in my day to pick up my camera and practice a skill I've been reading up on prior. The saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" stands true in the present. You are not simply magnified over night, but you are glorified by your practice as well as your commitment to better yourself. 

Reasons why you should not let your schedule dull your sparkle...

  • Time spent now learning, is time you have later for spending time with family and friends later on.
  • Learning to work smarter not harder
  • Building a better business or building potential clientele 
  • Bettering your technique is key to finding what you want to do. (if you opt out of bettering your technique thats fine too) 
  • Making a living out of your practice
  • Being happy knowing you tried and didn't wait until it was too late to try something new

For some people like myself photography is a passion and profession, and others just a hobby. But who's to say you can't better your hobby or even try to branch out with an existing business? Even a few minutes a day can get you closer to where you want to be. It just takes one step to get close and two steps to get closer. Never let family or schedules ruin your sparkle of getting ahead, family will always volunteer to help you better yourself!

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