With the New Year just around the corner, making sure we are well prepared to take on new clients or existing ones is going to be a top business priority, as well as making sure we are properly set up with a sufficient portfolio. I know we all have tough schedules and the holidays tend to consume us with shopping and getting our personal stuff done too. We end up getting into a blur with the up coming year and what we have planned. I vouch for this, I book weddings all the time and know in my head my weddings, but prior to the weddings i get side tracked and lost about what I have planned or need to do before wedding season. 

I've decided in light of this to make a list that can better prepare us for for the up coming season.

  1. It's never too late to book a client even at the beginning of the year when most people are already booked. Now I can tell you for a fact I've booked a lot of last minute sessions and weddings as well. DO NOT FEAR THE LAST MINUTE WORK, sometimes thats just your true sign of how well you work under pressure.
  2. Don't be afraid to spend a little money so you can spend less time chasing. By this I mean, Work smarter not harder. Whether its editing or actual hands on work, sometimes spending money else where to lessen the load may help. Like outsourcing images saving yourself some money by having someone else work on them for a fact rate. Also Advertising at expos and and public events. The sheer thought of spending money and not getting business in return is scary, I've been there. But With the expos, I had inquiries and no bites with work, Had a little faith and made back 10x over what the cost of a booth rental was. Have faith it all works out.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone. I tend to find some cute ideas or some different ways to get the most out of what I can do or whats available at the time, just like the saying "When life hands you lemons"... well make anything that goes good with lemons of course! For a while i used to shoot auto mode and aperture priority on my camera, and never wanted to take on much. Also one thing I did realize, shooting manually gave me more leverage and more control over my lighting and depth of field that it was a better decision to learn the harder way to become easier, than take the easy route and be more difficult later on when editing. 
  4. Become a Legit business. Its ok to start and not have enough work to file taxes but... don't get caught taking in revenue and not making some kind of legal venture out of it. In the event you choose to expand your business, you may want to consider this route.
  5. Put your best foot forward. Don't be afraid to shine over someone else or worry about local competition. You are one of a kind, don't let someone less motivated than you tell you how to do your best or tell you how to not get ahead. 


Hope this blog helps you! Thank you for reading, See you guys in 2016! 

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