Like 95% of people going into business or have a business and get stumped on how to keep things in order like paper work, taxes, and expenses. I have decided to come up with a great and simple way to organize your business for at least $20 if not less. I tend to find odds and ends at stores that may help me organize my work or even set a better time to blog for instance on sundays. I shopped at a few stores to complete this organizing project that anyone can do for a small bit of change. Below I have listed some inexpensive ways to organize your business without breaking the bank and having fun doing it! 


  • Thank you cards (12)


  • Small binder 
  • Desk calendar
  • Small planner 
  • Page dividers
  • Small sticky notes
  • Thank you cards (50)


  • $3.00 (on sale) 


  • $1.73 (on sale)
  • $2.98 (on sale)
  • $2.38 (on sale)
  • $.88 x3 (on sale)
  • $2.98 (on sale)
  • $3.58 (on sale)

Total:                $19.29

Thank you cards

You are probably wondering why you may need Thank You cards? Why wouldn't you need them is the real question? It is always good to have some kind of stationary in the event of working with clients or other vendors. Who doesn't like a little Thank You pick-me-up once in a while?

Small binder and Dividers

I tend to go to stores and find things I may need for my business. Thats how I tend to find the good deals. When it comes to needing a binder and dividers, I usually have a set idea in advanced of a few things i could use it for, 1st being the most important to the least important. I decided to use mine for an address book and make it custom to my style. You can also use yours for quarterly taxes, client information, upcoming events, etc.

Desk Calendar

While I already have a few planners, a travel planner, a desk side planner or work planner. I decided I needed a desk calendar that would not have to travel with or have to leave my desk. It will keep me up to date without misplacing my planners. 

Small Planner

Like mentioned before I have a few planners, even though it has been a few months since the first of the year, I didn't mind purchasing a planner just for blog topics. It sounds silly but, its great for a few reasons...

  • Not mixing up my sessions with projects non-related to physically working with a client
  • Keeps my topics organized and on task weekly or monthly

Small sticky notes

There is a new trend of using organizers and having a bunch of crazy sticky notes to better define  your daily activities or schedule. For a few dollars I had found a variety of different sized sticky notes in one pack that i can use to either mark things in my planners, contracts, needed client notes, etc.


Hopefully this helps you organize your business for less than $20 or even close to $20. There is a lot you can do for a little bit of money that can help your business strive and stay on task! 

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