Like many of us... we all started shooting almost everything. Basket of fruit, pets, friends, family, flowers and nature. But when you want to define yourself as a photographer where do you want to primarily be? I started taking photos of everything, found myself stuck in the car club realm of photography which I still love but... I love weddings as well.. Trying to balance both weddings as a job and car clubs as a hobby... I soon Realized my time was spread thin between both. Not saying I could never attend another car club or show, but... It is a hobby, One I will continue but for now not as a profession. 

Where is your heart taking you with photography?

We all love experimenting with our cameras, I do too! Low light, Newborn, Boudoir... But what does your heart beat for? Where does your heart lead you with Photography! 

What are you photography goals?

Its easy to pick up a camera and love photographing but what is your true goal with photography? For instance stock photography or taking clients? Shooting for Fun or business? 

What would you change about your current photographic situation?

Going along with goals, what would you change? Learning your camera? Trying new concepts? Exploring? Establish what you would change in what you are doing so far. 

How would you change your perspective on what you shoot?

Now I don't mean angles or new gear, but more of.... what are you personally doing for your current situation that could help your photography flourish? 


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