Now that the new year has started we have all be low on money. It happens, but I've had this urge to post a simple and inexpensive way to be organize for around $50 or even less. I've been in the situation of buying all sorts of folders, planners, etc. realizing that I didn't need as much as I thought I did. Even when it comes to taxes, invoices, billing, all that fun stuff it's actually simple.

There are a few things to keep in mind and start with...

  1. Keeping all important papers in order. Yes that means recipts, billing invoices from supplies, bank deposit slips and monthly transactions together.
  2. Having a planner to organize each client/project you have no matter how much or little amount of money it is worth.
  3. Get folders for all important things such as contracts, suppliers for marketing or just supplies in general. Don't forget to have certain folders for customers or buyers, invoices, and even your quarterly taxes (unless you are a corporation).
  4. Binders as well as the folders are great, Having binders for multiple things such as your pricing and catalogs, as well as phone book, other information, ideas, etc. Is a great way to keep organized. 
  5. Digital or tangible planner, we live in a technological world, but we can still be old fashioned on how we stay organized. Wether we use a tablet, or book planner, staying on task is key for clients, bill paying, up coming events and even personal ventures.
  6. Working smarter not harder is probably one of the best ways to keep stress down and stay more organized. Making the proper time saves you money in the long run and....... gives you more time to do the things you love like family time, hobbies, traveling, etc.

Happy reading! Hope this helps you get organized and staying on task! 

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