When it comes to planning, there are many factors to keep in mind, price, style, atmosphere, vendor connection, travel, to say the least, not all but most of te factors.

Now like many couples, finding the right everything is key. This is a topic that happens alot, I've been asked by friends, family, couples, etc about how to find the perfect vendor. It starts with an idea... sorta like Walt Disney. You have to start somewhere, below will be a generalized list of what to do to prepare yourself for the best.

  1. Including important people - Its a subject that we dont always want to get into, but when we do we have to think and communicate with who we want to include from the get-go. Is mom part of the planning and process? Sister? Brother? Cousin? Bestfriend? Whom ever you choose, make sure you let them know what the deal is and how you want to include them.
  2. Planner or no planner - a good way to lessen your planning stress is to have a planner. a planner can help take on some of the load of finding and calling around places, availability, etc.
  3. Style or idea - another way to lessen your stress is an over all idea of what you like. Easiest way to do this is find styles online, magazines, other weddings, etc for styles you like. when you locate what you like or potential ideas its easier to narrow down what to shop for. For instance, if you like country themed, find someone who photographs country related weddings alot or has an overall aspect of country themed. Photography itself isnt as cut and dry when it comes to styles, everyone has a different style of photographing and editing, you wouldnt find a sports photographer to shoot a wedding if thats not their forte.
  4. Budget - Not everyone has a budget some people do, by no means do you have to have the most expensive wedding nore the cheapest. But also keep in mind quality. Alot of times pricing is mind over matter, it happens quite often we see pricing and we think wow great deal, keep in mind sugar looks like salt too. Not every deal is as sweet as you think.
  5. Shop around - Dont settle for the first place, vendor, or price you see. Make sure you have a full connection and full hearted feeling about who or where you book with. Keep your options open and shop around, Having only one option to a vendor is great, but to you shopping, may be a dead end only having one or few options for venue, florist, DJ, etc.
  6. Organizing - make sure any paper work or information you find helpful is kept in a neat place for future reference. Sometimes we get info and never choose anything right away, or can even pass info along to someone else getting married.
  7. Sales and specials - Not every vendor has sales, but some do. Asking around if they have a current special is good. Trying to knock down a vendor is not good... If they offer something right now like extra prints, food for 10 extra people free, etc. evaluate the cost per unit/person and see if it makes sense to you and your budget. Somteimes its good to ask, even if someone doesnt offer, its always good to know there are people willing to help the process and work with you.
  8. Reviews - MAke sure that reviews are accurate, Sometimes vendors get bad reviews based on poor connection with clients, some get good reviews becuase they connect well. doesnt not mean service is bad... Like stated before make sure you ahve a full hearted connection with your vendor. What i mean by this is, You wouldn't blame a faulty car as a reason for dealers selling cars? You would blame the sketchy dealer and not the car to whichhas not changed. Everyone offers servcies, if its not to your liking find one that offers what you like and not stick becasue of pricing.
  9. Not everyone is the same - This is a simple yet tricky topic, just becasue someone offers a service does not mean everyone else gives the same service. What i mean by this is, Just becasue you hire a DJ that does not have a proper sound system, that every DJ is like that. Everyone offers something a little different or widely differnt, thats what makes the wedding industry what it is.
  10. Happy ending - Finally a full hearted topic we can all agree on, 1. make sure what you choose is what you want, in the end everyone will be ahppy for you, 2. Anything you agree upon is an investment just like your relationship, make it a good one, 3. Make sure it is everything you want and dont be afraid to make it everything you dream of, 4. Don't hesitate to make your wedding the best it can be, if it makes you ahppy go for it.

Hope this helps with the wedding planning adventure, Good luck to all shopping or need advice for the future. Weddings can be stressful but in the end are totally worth it!

Happy planning!

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