Just as important as a bride and groom, the ring shots play a part in your portfolio as well as the finished images you send to your client. Everyone has their own way of photographing rings, some use telephoto lenses, some use macros which is what I prefer myself, and some use primes and their own creative style to get the ideal shot. Where we all prefer different styles, there is no right or wrong to which you choose, what you have available or what you choose to invest is solely up to you. I use the 100mm 2.8L macro lens from canon. While the 100 macro is not everyones first choice, its the choice of lens i chose for many reasons, I also use it for portraits as well... not always the best idea but sometimes is ideal for what i do and the time I have available.

While I prefer the 100mm 2.8L series lens, canon does offer a non-L series lens, which is equally as nice as well as being a 2.8, also nikon offers a similar 105mm Macro. like mentioned before, everyone has a preference, budget, etc. this is a decently priced lens (non L) gets fabulous images as well as offering the same aperture but isn't the high end glass... big difference??? not totally, to the average joe, the images will look the same... to a pixel peeper... yeah it may be a hint noticeable but nothing huge. In terms of build quality there is a different, more spherical elements and groups in the L series lens, (elements and groups will be another blog at some point). But Morally they produce similar images per focal length.. just more or less ghosting and color fringing.

What Ive photographed below is usually how I navigate my macro, Close up, far away, and super close up, which this lens can do all of them. 


Like mentioned before everyone does have a preference (not to sound like a broken record), There is also no right or wrong to your artistic style... But even editing i tend to keep things pretty crisp as well as finding a happy medium with my editing too. Starting with software, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 Master suite. Not everyone uses or has a need for the whole collection and thats ok. Occasionally I use Lightroom as well. Whatever works for you go for it! My preference is CS6 for many reasons... For rings themselves, I have more control than light room to fine tune all my images the way I desire. Yes its a lot of work but Im also very picky with my previews and ring shots. I tend to go in and brighten them one at a time or batch a custom photoshop action for rings. (past video which will be linked to the website).

Next to talk about is the Photoshop actions I tend to use, MY favorite action may not be your favorite one and thats ok... Experimenting with one you like is how you develop your style and establish your portfolio. One thing to keep in mind, no matter what you shoot, A photoshop action or lightroom preset is not a magic fix for poorly exposed images, what I mean by this is, if you did not get a sharp image, over exposed, under exposed, grainy image, lens flare, etc... a photoshop action will not entirely make an image better. you may need to tweak to make it look good, but it does not mean your image will be magically fixed and looking like someone else properly exposed image. I always make sure my ring is properly exposed the first time i shoot, sometimes I can work with images slightly under exposed, I try not to for a few reasons, 1. Being time, 2. More work than the image should need, 3. If it's not properly exposed it's probably not my best image. If your image is not sharp to begin with, an action will not help where the image does not have the proper resolution or detail to begin with. if you have a properly focused image, an action can enhance it. 

Establish how you prefer to edit and start working, Not everyone uses a sharpening brush, or extra contrast. But thats the great part of editing images the way you want. When it comes to rings like the samples here, I have my RAW image SOOC and my edited image to the side, some  get a little more work than others, depending on the image and how it was taken. it took me a while to decide how I would edit my ring images. I would mentally picture images I saw from other photographers and think of what lighting and where it was taken, along with what lenses I needed. When it comes to editing you can use what you prefer, things to keep in mind while editing, 1. Idea, 2. What you have to work with, 3. What can be done to make the image better?

Rules to remember to get the best possible image

Like mentioned above everyone has their own way of shooting, but things to keep in mind to get the best out of what you shoot for less editing work later on...

  1. Properly compensating for exposure and available lighting
  2. Using your AF points in the event you cannot properly manual focus a sharp image
  3. Finding unique and interesting elements to help with your image
  4. Using the right background to enhance bokeh and blur out what you don't need or could be useful for making the image. (sequins, lights, etc)  
  5. Gear does matter to a degree, (the better the lens the better the image) More elements and groups per lens will help get a crisper image

Hope this helps you edit your images! 

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