So as Im here editing some images from a wedding recently I sat here and realized that not everything goes as planned. As a Photographer we are commonly dealing with things that don't go according to plan or the day as well as the clients. Sometimes we get caught up in making things so perfect not only for our presentation but also the clients dreams and what they expect for photography. 

Weddings are commonly the most high pressure events to photograph, plan, find a dress, get to the church on time so on and so forth. When you're a professional who has big shoes to fill you get stressed as well. This is why I decided to call this blog "When life hands you lemons". A lot of times any vendor can tell you its sometimes spur of the moment when things go south fast and you have only a few minutes to make the best of every situation. As photographers we tend to endure many challenges sometimes the whole wedding party isn't there, sometimes the reception doesn't give you much time to do formals, or the occasional forgotten gear. But we make due with what we have and the time available. The only thing we can do is to move forward and do our best.

By no means am I the perfect photographer, we have all had our days. MY first ever wedding that i shot I didn't bring enough batteries and my speed light died half way through the reception, I had my canon 5d mark ii and 7D and didn't want to push the noise to ruin the integrity where i wasn't super good at editing. Luckily my second shooter had a spare set. I had another wedding where I had some tough luck not in my favor, I had two speed lights, one I dropped right before introductions and another fell out of my hands replacing my other that was dropped during the intros. They still worked but I didn't want to chance it. Luckily I had another 2 speed lights loaded with batteries.

This is where "when life hands you lemons, Don't make lemonade" Make something better, Make a cheese cake, Make lemon pepper chicken, Lemon poppy seed muffins, or anything you can think of thats not the ordinary. Thats when you learn what you're really capable of and what you can conquer with a little bit of time and even basic resources.

Blogging is one thing That I enjoy but also struggle with, its one of those things you know how you feel but don't always know how to write what you want to get across to your readers. I hope someone enjoys what I write and finds it helpful. I look to inspire those who are dreamers and those who want to follow their journey no matter what path they choose.

Happy reading! Keep in touch and comment below or email me, I'd love to see your work!

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