We have ways of editing, we can always improve. What I mean by that is, where do you find yourself tilting towards editing wise, and what do you really desire. While no one is obligated to edit the way I do, but I decided to break down simply what I do for editing and where I tilt towards in editing. 

Editing software

I 99.9% exclusively use Adobe Photoshop CS6, All my editing, fine tuning, and even most of my templates are usually made through it. With the editing, I can create shortcuts for faster processing, and even make my own actions along with using my own. I'll talk about actions below, but primarily I do all the major work on photoshop and all my batch processing there as well. I had originally used photoshop elements, but did not offer what I needed to process a lot of images. For me this is ideal for how I work, how I get my work out, and how I easily can navigate through the software. With that being said, I have full control over the over all finished image. Not saying you cannot do that in Lightroom or elements, it's just preference. 

Images from left to right (Black and white action, SOOC, and Greater than Gatsby action)

Photoshop actions

There are tons of actions out there, you can even make your own, but for the editing I do I have chosen a few actions that I love to edit with. My current go to actions are Greater Than Gatsby, and a few actions I found somewhere on the internet. Greater Than Gatsby has my favorite actions for color, and the second action I use is strictly for my black and whites, It has all the right contrasty, matte, sharp, and soft focus actions I tend to use. Now everyone is different, your style action may vary from the next person, which is ok because that is your style. With the Greater than Gatsby action I have used, I chose to be subtle, now I can sharpen or add more contrast to make it pop more or just to keep it more natural like the photos above. I am a natural light photographer so to keep my style the same I choose actions that compliment the work I already do. 

Lightroom presets

Like photoshop, this is an action, but where I am not a lightroom wiz I cannot fully explain, yet produce the same style on an image. It is a different format file that gets the same results.  Finding your perfect action is key to the overall quality image, not to mention the file quality prior but that will be another blog post for the near future.

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