What is a boudoir session and what does it entail? 

  • A boudoir session is an intimate session, normally in your favorite lingerie all dolled up. You are not obligated to take photos for someone else, you can choose to have them down for yourself, for another person or even for a portfolio. Usually requires hair and make up to be done, have matching outfits including some super cute pumps, thigh high tights, garters, panties, etc.
  • Most importantly being comfortable with your body and in your skin, Boudoir is an intimate style of photography, it's not necessarily about being an intimate person but being comfortable in your skin, in the clothes you wear, finding the inner sexy and showing a side of you that normally no one would see. 

What do you typically wear to a boudoir session?

  • Normally you would wear lingerie you are comfortable with, some people choose to wear sleep boxers and camisole, while others prefer push-up bras, matching panties and garters. It is all in what you choose, granted I do like to make suggestions and give ideas to what can make a photograph really stand out, But... Like I stated before you are not obligated, my opinion on style, suggestions or ideas are not guilted or in anyway mandatory. 
  • I suggest having a few somewhat matching outfits, now I typically don't go shopping with a client but if you pinterest something you like or ask for my idea or opinion on what to wear I will give you a variety of items to pick from. I like to keep variety in all my images, create themes, and work with something you like and are comfortable with. Normally Garters, Teddies, chemises, camisoles, matching bra and panties are the go-to outfits and can't go wrong if you match them. We all have different body shapes and sizes so properly finding an outfit that accentuates your body type is also key as well. What may fit right on the next person may not be the right match for you, Good thing is there are plenty of other beautiful outfits for you out there.

Do I have to be naked in photographs?

  • As a photographer/artist/individual I understand and respect your comfort level. No you are not obligated to ever pose naked, nor do you have to remove one ounce more clothing then you are comfortable with. Granted I always get asked If I photograph nudes, typically I don't, I tend to keep my photography fairly modest with a touch of sexy. No one is every obligated to ever pose nude, photograph nude, etc. Occasionally you may photograph topless if you choose but I still make sure you are covered even if you are not wearing a bra (cover up with an arm, strapless top, prop, magazine, etc)

How many outfits am I allowed to bring?

  • I normally photograph anywhere from 3-4 in 2 hours, but you can always go back to the items you bring later on if there is extra time. Like I mentioned before, matching outfits. You may end up bringing 7-8 and only using 5, it happens.

Where are these sessions normally held?

  • I normally use my own bedroom, but have a studio space as well. depending on your comfort level I can bring extra lighting equipment to you and use your own home for photos.