Some of the most common questions asked and answered right here

I'm not due for another few months, when do I normally book my maternity and newborn sessions?

  • The answer is simple, a least a month before your due date is when I normally suggest maternity sessions (occasionally 1 1/2 months before due date depending on how you are feeling or for safe measures) and for newborns within the first 2 weeks of birth. But to answer the full question, booking a few months in advanced helps to make sure your desired date is available

Who is in charge of props? Do I bring my own?

  • You are not in charge of any props, but I do encourage any heirlooms or very important items that mean a lot or would like photographed. Not every home brought item may be used but may work out if you bring them along in the event they will be photographed.
  • Regardless of Maternity or Newborns I always encourage props that you desire, not every prop will go with your desires style or type session but bring the props you like, if you cannot find them I tend to make some decent ones as well for sessions (sashes, bonnets, headbands, bumps, wraps, etc.) 

When is a good time for my baby to be photographed?

  • Like I mentioned before within the first 2 weeks of birth, after that the baby is bright eyed and bushy tailed and starting to explore the new world. Within those 2 weeks he/she will tend to sleep more often and be more apt to sleeping at a normal routine of every few hours. 

Should I dress up as well for pictures or are pictures just for the baby? 

  • You may dress up as well if you feel you would like to take pictures as well, though no one is obligated to take pictures with the baby, you may choose to get dressed up. For the most part with newborn images with family members I suggest wearing a plain shirt (black/white/soft colors- no prints) mainly where your upper half is photographed. 

What happens if I miss the session date for my newborn session and its now after 2 weeks?

  • For newborn sessions, I normally don't take them after 2 weeks because of being more alert and wide awake. Posing them may be a struggle and getting the what I like to call "peaceful baby" look. If a session is missed at this point they session style changes. I do take 1, 2, and 3 month old babies, but in the event of age cut off the style of photography changes due to alertness and sleep routine.