General FAQ's For all sessions and events

How long do I have to view a Gallery?

  • Each gallery weather wedding or portrait session is 6 months, For any service its 6 months from when the gallery is loaded, usually as soon as the sessions are done.
  • Most portrait, boudoir, newborn etc are up promptly (usually 24 hours to one week) 
  • Weddings may take up to two months (in light of this when the gallery is fully up is when the 6 months start) 

Is there a travel fee?

  • Yes, Anything outside 30 miles of 02743 is .50 cents a mile (unless discussed other wise)

What are requirements for events and weddings?

  • for both, usually more than 4 hours requires a meal

Prints and albums are offered, can i substitute?

  • You can substitute prints for prints, and albums for albums of equal or lesser value
  • You can also opt out of prints and albums can be deducted, in case of weddings it would be drafted in your contract and noted. In the event you choose to want albums and prints after removing them, Premium rates will be applied.

What If i choose to order additional stuff later on?

  • Unless quoted or contracted prior to paying for services even as a deposit only, Anything additional is additional cost.
  • If you have claimed coupons or online sales you may use them for products sales unless other wise stated.

I claimed a coupon at a wedding expo for product sales or service sales, how do i claim those?

  • Service discounts are for portrait sessions or event coverage not including weddings. 
  • Can be used for boudoir, portraits, event coverage, maternity, newborns.
  • Product discounts can be used towards albums, prints,custom items, etc.

How do I book a session or event?

  • First contact for availability, in the event of a date being booked you can pick from another date or be referred (there are plenty of people who network with One-23 Photography)
  • Deposit of 25% of the service price is required regardless of wedding, portrait, boudoir and newborn etc.