I'm 4 months pregnant, when is a good time to book my maternity session?

  • 30-36 weeks is a safe time frame to have your photos taken, you do want a bit of a belly to show off but also in a comfortable mobile state. If you feel the small struggle to get up and sit down please contact me right away and i'll squeeze you into an earlier date. 

How do I prep for my maternity session and what do I need to bring?

  • For the most part I have props covered, just bring yourself, the clothing you would like to be photographed in and a change of clothing in the event we move locations and have a place to change to match for your second location. I do encourage any favorite prop/heirloom/special item you would like photographed as well during the session.
  • The only thing to make sure you have is hair and make up, and to try to be on time as best as possible.

What do I wear to may maternity session?

  • I tend to favor plain or subtle patterns (stripes, two tone pattern that is subtle), I suggest plain so the focus is not taken away from your beauty with a crazy floral pattern. Whites, Blacks, soft colors, subtle patterns are fairly acceptable and also great contrast in photographs. 
  • For bottoms I suggest whatever you can move comfortably in, it's all about comfort and how you feel. Leggings, Maternity designated fashions are usually a good go to fashion for bottoms, where they are designed for belly it can be the right option for your comfort. 

I have seen other photographers work and I don't want to wear little to no clothing, Is that something I'm required to do?

  • As a client and individual, I respect whatever wish you have about how artistic you would like to be with your photos. No one is ever obligated to show skin or too much skin, I will never take a client out of their comfort zone if they choose not to show skin. 

Is this something I wear make up too?

  • You are not require to ever wear make up, but if you choose to wear any make up, apply it the same way you would during the day. I'm all about subtle, natural and soft colors, so making sure you contour you cheekbones, some basic highlighting on the nose, cupid bow, and where eve you feel sun may naturally glow on your face is a great way to decide how to do your make up. Lip color and eyes may not have to be super fancy, just some lip gloss and mascara (build up those lashes) can go a long way in a photograph and make your features pop.