What do I wear to a senior session?

  • Typically some casual/semi dressy clothing. Nothing fancy like suit and tie or ball gown. As much as those are nice, keep it simple and comfy.
  • There are a few portrait regulations when it comes to clothing, no tank tops or spaghetti straps. no super short shorts, modest length shirts and shorts are required, especially for yearbook appropriate images. 

Do I need to have my hair and make-up done?

  • No you do not, It is a good idea to have some mascara on, but you do not have to go all out with make-up or hair. 
  • In the even you have hair and make up done, please make sure it is something you are comfortable wearing and like. 

Am I required to bring any school related items to my session? 

  • You do not, if you choose to bring a jersey, school t-shirt, hockey stick, etc. you can do so, but you are not obligated to. 

If I need to reschedule, am I allowed to get a desired session date?

  • While there are lots of high school seniors as well, you may only be able to get a date that is left.
  • Based on shooting indoors or out doors, you may not have much option on days available.

Am I allowed to bring my car or motorcycle to my session?

  • Yes you can, the images with your car may not be in yearbook but will be photographed during your session. 
  • Under clients discretion, the photographer is not liable for any injuries caused with the vehicles.